Standard Construction Features:

● All type 304 stainless steel construction

• (6) stainless steel wire shelves

Capacity: (12”x20”x2-1/2”) steam table pans 24

● CFC-free high-density polyurethane insulation

Capacity: (18”x26”) full size sheet pans 12

● Full width door with low-temperature resistant magnetic gasket

● Die-stamped interior door liner to magnetically store core probe

Pan Spacing: adjustable

● Ergonomic edge-free stainless steel door handle

● Removable stainless steel pan supports, adjustable spacing

Blast Chilling Capacity (194F to 37F)*: 155 lbs

● Integrated single compressor and condenser

Shock Freezing Capacity (194F to 0F)*: 155 lbs

● Approved R404 refrigerant used in sealed system

● Integrated single compressor and condenser

● High efficiency evaporators with multiple injection points

* Per production cycle (depending on product density):

● High efficiency evaporators with multiple injection points

Blast chilling … up to 90-minute cycle

condenser cleaning

● Magnetic lock front grille and magnetic coil filter for easy

Shock freezing … up to 240-minute cycle

● Luminous display with intuitive work-path controls

Options and Accessories (Please check):  Sous-vide pouch core temperature probe

● USB port for data transfer to HACCP software, internal

• Thawing cycle and proofing cycle

● Door hinged left (standard)

software upgrades and individual program uploads

● 4” stainless steel height-adjustable legs

● Door hinged left (standard)

● End-of-cycle hold mode

 SANIGEN sanitation system

● Air-cooled, self-contained energy efficient condenser

● End-of-cycle hold mode

 Thawing cycle