MODEL: LMO-G – Series

Short Bid Specification:

Oven shall be LBC Mini Rotating Rack Oven, model no. LMO-G [insert 6-N, 6-LP, 8-N, 8-LP, 6S-N, 6S-LP, 8S-N, 8S-LP, 10S-N, 10S-LP] with capacity for 6, 8 or 10 – 18″ x 26″ sheet pans. The oven shall operate on natural gas or propane gas [specify at time of order]. The oven shall have an internal steam system consisting of 150 pounds of steel bars and a water drop system that dispenses water to the steel mass through multiple large holes in a stainless steel tube located over the steel mass. The oven shall be indirectly fired at a rate of 90,000 BTU/Hr. using an in-shot burner system and shall have heat exchanger tubes that are mounted vertically so as to utilize natural draft for combustion air intake and exhaust. The oven shall be mounted on a stainless steel stand having front mounted heavy duty locking swivel casters and rear mounted stationary locking casters or shall be mounted on 8″ stainless steel legs. The oven shall have an optional proofer base having front mounted heavy duty locking swivel casters and rear mounted stationary locking casters.

Construction Features

. Heavy duty stainless steel interior and exterior
. Vertical Tube Heat-exchanger
. 150 Lbs. Thermal Mass
. Low pressure water injection steam system
. 6″ Exhaust collar for “B” type vent, or direct vent under hood
. Field connection point for hood proving switch*
. Unison opening split doors
. Hinged inner glass window for easy cleaning
. Full perimeter silicone door seal
. Mechanical door latch with magnetic closer

Performance Features
. 90,000 Btu/Hr burner system
. 0.75 GPH water delivery system
. 10/20 second normal steam time
. Safety limited torque drive rotation system
. Low noise circulation system
. Brightly lit interior
. Fast acting programmable vent

Controls Features

. Large LED display for time, temperature and steam
. Simple manual setting for temperature, time, steam
. Manual one-touch venting control
. Manual blower one-touch delay or pulse blower
. Storage for up-to 99 programmed recipes
. 6-button quick access recipe menu